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loan product
loan product

Get a POS terminal, business account and an overdraft for your business, payback daily in 90 days

info-tickFor POS Agents only


What do I need to know about getting my business account?

Your business account will be in your business name like: John Electronics limited. You don't require any documents like CAC documents to get the business account. You get the account in less than 1 mins and start receiving money instantly.


Is there a limit to how much I can receive into the account?

No, there is no limit to the amount you can receive or withdraw from the account


Can anyone with any bank send money to me in this account?

Yes, you can receive money from all banks in Nigeria. You can also send money to any bank in Nigeria.


Is your customer service responsive?

Yes, we even give you a personal account manager once you sign up.


Are there charges on the account?

No, we don't charge you to deposit money or send (withdraw) money to any account.


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